The police are investigating the case of the brutal beating of a rapper Purulent in St. Petersburg

Полиция разбирается в деле о жестоком избиении рэпера Гнойного в Петербурге The star attacked before the concert in the cultural capital. The young man was taken to hospital, and eventually received a nose injury. Despite the unpleasant incident, Purulent addressed the fans.

Vyacheslav Machnow, better known as the rapper Purulent, is one of the most controversial hip hop artists of Russia. The young man is not shy of extreme statements, for which it and appreciate the fans.

November 6, the young man paid for his candor. Before a performance in St. Petersburg it was attacked by seven unknown, which caused the rapper multiple times. This was quick to inform the representative Vyacheslav Khan, Deputy.

“Near the club, where he was to be the Glory, there is Parking there for him and attacked. Apparently know that is the entrance for the artists, they were waiting for him. Six people-seven, tightly folded, especially pushed me and our tour Manager From two sides grabbed the Glory and said he should apologize for his creativity and some punchy said. Because children are listening. Overall, this was an attack on freedom of speech, as they say. Were committed by beatings”, – said the representative of the hip-hop artist.

Masnova was taken to the hospital where the young man received medical assistance. After that Purulent visited the police Department in St. Petersburg, where he testified against the attackers. According to law enforcement officials, the case will check, and the perpetrators will be punished.

Later a spokesman for the rapper said that the Festering has not received serious damages. Moreover, the young man decided not to cancel the show in St. Petersburg, because in the hall were expecting a few hundred people.

“I was told that his nose is broken, but in General, everything is fine. A fighting spirit, preparing for the concert,” said Khan Zaman.

According to some information, Bozena was also diagnosed with a concussion, but the representative did not comment on the disturbing rumors.

According to “Ren TV” Festering came on the scene with a slight delay. He thanked the audience for waiting and stressed that the incident will not affect his future work. Fans have supported Vyacheslav with a standing ovation, because he started rapping, despite the pressure bandage on his nose.