Oxana Fedorova appeared in the family of the artist

У Оксаны Федоровой в семье появилась художница
The presenter did not immediately drew attention to the passion of his daughter Lisa.

Oksana Fedorova with her daughter Lisa

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Oksana Fedorova is not immediately drew attention to the passion of his daughter Lisa. “In childhood, all children love to draw. But once I saw the daughter draws people and animals, and admired: for four years very talented! — says Oksana. — I believe that Lisa will need to develop your talent. When a little older, I will give her to art school. In the meantime, she encouraged their creativity mom and dad. My favorite is her picture of a ballerina. I put it in a frame and admire them every day.”

In an interview 7days.ru Oksana has told that always dreamed of a big family. “As the happiest moments of childhood
remember Sunday dinners and holidays, when sat at the table
grandparents, my mom, my aunt, cousin and sister — says Fedorov.” But
if five years ago asked about the main thing in my life, for sure
start with a discussion about self-perfection, development of the latent
abilities, professional growth and realization of themselves as individuals. And
it would not be a deceit or an attempt to hide the panic, which is subject to
some women do not have families and children. There was no panic, because
some sixth sense I knew the meeting with the man
you go through life hand in hand — in front, but now is not the time. I
really need to grow a personality for someone who will share with me
every day.

It so happened that the faith I did not come immediately. As in most
Soviet families, in our not accepted to speak about God, know prayers,
to go to Church. When all of this was for me to slowly open, I
started to look for a Confessor. Looking for a long time, for five years, and found
the monastery in Ivanovo. Father Ambrose has shed light on many issues
which I was worried about. At that time, amid my changing
Outlook, and there he was — the man who gave me happiness
maternity and framed his strong shoulder.”