Дочь Ирины Пеговой вернулась в фигурное катание
The actress spoke about the success girls.

Дочь Ирины Пеговой вернулась в фигурное катание

Irina herself is not averse to show the class at the rink

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Irina Pegova with her daughter Tanya


“Tanya was at the time engaged in figure skating, and then for some reason gave up — for the next three years, — says Irina Pegova. But then the daughter saw skate Evgenia Medvedeva, she asked for a skating rink and now goes on training with pleasure. Medvedev’s her idol, Tanya watched all her performances. Now, when Jack takes part in the Olympics, especially aches for her.”

It should be noted that divorced seven years ago with her husband, Irina
wisely did not limit contact with her father. Pegova and eagles
managed for Tatiana to find a common language. Now they maintain a good relationship
and often spend together weekends. In 2014, Dmitry married
for the second time.

It is interesting that recently the Network spread a rumor about
the fact that the actress here-here again will be a married lady. Irina does not exclude that in
the future for the second time will try on the attire of the bride, but to rush into an important decision
she doesn’t want. “Marriage is a serious matter. So as to want or not want.
View on the circumstances. If I need, I will marry!” —
Irina told in the program “a Perfect repair. About his new
the elect Irina does not want to talk, guided by the rule — “happiness loves