Outshine mother? Singing career of daughter Angelika Varum “went up the hill”

Затмит маму? Певческая карьера дочки Анжелики Варум «пошла в гору»
The actress spoke about the achievements of 18-year-old Elizabeth.

Daughter Angelika Varum and Leonid Agutin — Elizabeth

Photo: @avarum Instagram Angelika Varum

Angelika Varum boasted to his followers achievement daughters: 18-year-old Elizabeth is making great progress in the musical field. The proud mother said that her successor had his debut solo concert. Varum congratulated my daughter with this event in his microblog.

“My General cat yesterday held a solo concert debut. I congratulate you, my girl! Dad proud of you!” — told Angelica to subscribers.

Elizabeth inherited from parents inherited passion for music. From childhood she was fond of singing, and when a little older he mastered his first musical instrument — the guitar. In high school, the daughter of Leonid Agutin created the rock band “Without gravity”. As a teenager Elizabeth successfully performed at school events, and now all feels a Mature artist. Fans are sure that the daughter Agutin and Varum have a great future.

Interestingly, the boyfriend of Elizabeth — mark is also associated with the world of music. Angelique calls him a virtuoso drummer and fully endorses the choice of my daughter. That’s just to get married Varum Elizabeth advises. “I think that family is a matter for the adults. First you need to develop your personality in the profession, and only then think about marriage. You need to decide and who is compatible with you for life. At 18, I’m afraid, such a choice is impossible…” — said recently Varum in a conversation about raising daughters.