Anastasia Volochkova begging you to take pity on the small child

Анастасию Волочкову умоляют сжалиться над маленьким ребенком
Ballerina decisive in their actions.


Photo: @volochkova_art Instagram Anastasia Volochkova

Wife of the arrested driver Anastasia Volochkova begs for forgiveness. Wife of Alexander Skirtach turned to the dancer asking you to take pity on her family. Some time ago a former prima ballerina of the Bolshoi theater has accused his personal driver in the fraud. According to Anastasia, Skirtach stole her a large sum of money. Volochkova filed a complaint to the police, after which he was arrested. Now the star is waiting for a fair verdict.

Wife of Alexander was trying to achieve for the accused the husband transferred under house arrest, but to do this it failed. She believes that her blessed was the victim of retaliation famous Volochkova. In the program “New Russian sensations” Wife Skirtach turned to Anastasia with a request to leave her family alone.

“Anastasia, I beg you, leave our family alone. I’m ready to ask you for forgiveness, to apologize in any way for the inconvenience. Just don’t leave my children without a father. Our youngest child just one year, kid looking for all the time dad, calling him. You have the same daughter. Please log in to the same situation,” Volochkova begs the wife of the driver.

Interestingly, this is not the first case when Anastasia questioned the honesty of their staff. Not so long ago she kicked out AU pair who worked for many years with the family of the artist. Up to a point Volochkova belonged to Paradise, as a full member of the family, but once accused her of theft. Anastasia allegedly learned that assistant steals her money allocated for the economy, things from her wardrobe and even products.