Outraged viewers left the concert Alla Pugacheva

Возмущенные зрители покидали концерт Аллы Пугачевой The singer persevered and stopped the public. Alla Pugacheva told Andrei Malakhov in the program “Today tonight” about an embarrassing incident happened to her. However, she was able brilliantly to get out of the situation and keep the audience’s attention.
Возмущенные зрители покидали концерт Аллы Пугачевой

Now Alla Pugacheva – the legend of the Russian stage. Her every public appearance causes a stir among the audience of millions of fans. Fans looking forward to new songs from divas of the domestic variety. New hit of Alla Pugacheva became the most discussed in the Network

However, at the dawn of the career of Alla Pugacheva was lucky enough to get to a very unpleasant situation. In Soviet times, humorist Roman Kartsev was wildly popular with the public. He collected huge halls, and before the performance the comedian aspiring singer, sang for the audience his compositions. Roman kartcev became the main hero of the program “Tonight”, the release of which was dedicated to the 78-th birthday.

Возмущенные зрители покидали концерт Аллы Пугачевой

Chief editor of the project “StarHit” and host of “Let them talk” and “Tonight” with Andrey Malakhov read an excerpt from the book pop stars, in which he mentioned how because of the faulty microphone the singer had to sing without them. The Studio came Alla Pugacheva. She presented the bouquet to the birthday boy, Roman A., in turn, complimented the Diva. The man said that Alla Borisovna looks good and is noticeably thinner. The singer recalled that she began to speak before going on stage of the famous Duo with Roman Kartsev and Viktor Ilchenko in 1972.

“In the first part were trying to be singers, and all refused. Reached us turn to Slobodkina because nobody wanted – the audience is specific, know what the second part Kartsev and Ilchenko. They then decided: “Let us unknown, for which it would be for happiness.” We came, my knees are shaking, Yulik was experienced.

We went out on the stage and starts walking, and we sing. Funneling the audience. First appeared my character, I said “Back”. Apparently, they had doubt singer could not say so, perhaps, a special guest. “Take everything” – threw a cigarette, “Now sing, sing together” and so we endured 35 minutes, it was very difficult. Because love to the artists persisted. We tried so hard, if we clapped, it was happiness,” remembered Donna.

During the program, put segments of the speech of Alla Pugacheva at the beginning of the career. The whole hall in the Studio once again enjoy clean and clear voice artist. Diva was also reminiscing. She told Andrei Malakhov, considered it an honor to perform in the concert program with famous entertainers. “First steps has always been difficult, especially with such stars as Roman Kartsev,” admitted Joe.