Thinner Maria Maksakova was surprised hair like a boy

Похудевшая Мария Максакова удивила стрижкой под мальчика A new image of the Opera star made a splash on the Network. The singer not only dropped more than ten pounds and said goodbye to the wavy curls. Reporters noted that Maria Maksakova looks great, despite the recent tragic events.
Похудевшая Мария Максакова удивила стрижкой под мальчика

Recently Opera diva Maria Maksakova, which is now experiencing a very hard life-span, surprised fans of experiments with appearance. The singer not only dropped over a dozen pounds in a month and a half, but decided to say goodbye to the wavy curls. Recently, the star is the owner of trendy short haircuts with asymmetrical bangs. Pictures depicting the changed Maksakova, created a furor in the Network.

Thinner Maria Maksakova shone on the Eurovision song contest

Похудевшая Мария Максакова удивила стрижкой под мальчика

In addition, recently the actress gave an interview in which he told about his life after the death of a loved one. Maria admits that his murder was for her extreme stress. Star lost on the background of experiences. During the conversation with journalists, the singer admitted that he could not come to terms with bereavement.

“In Kiev, is the grave of my husband. I still can’t believe what happened on March 23. I was madly in love with Denis and continue to love him. His death was tragedy for me. There is such a thing – your soulmate. Here it is – my second half. And my mother’s words that, well, we had “cups from different sets” – its a subjective opinion. For me now nothing is more important than the graves of Dennis. And really I’m only interested in the land on Zverinetska cemetery. Need to order a monument…” – said Maria.

According to the artist, it deals with the older children. The singer doted in his son Ilya and daughter Lyudmila. Maria Maksakova told that it weighs a long separation from the heirs. “But now they are fine: they are learning, happy life. Not weep into the phone when they hear my voice,” said the singer. If Ilya and Ludmila wants to see her mother, will come to visit her. The actress told the correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” that they used to accompany her on tour.

We also add that after the final of “Eurovision” in Kiev, Maria Maksakova made contact with the Studio of the TV show of the First channel “Let speak”. Editors program organized a teleconference with Kiev. In the broadcast of star discussed the results of the last international vocal competition. Stas Sadalsky publicly quarreling with Maria Maksakova

Recall that recently the name of the Opera diva Maria Maksakova has been on the front pages of Newspapers. The famous singer, which is experiencing a heavy loss, continues to be the center of attention of the public. The singer tries not to show the audience his emotions. Many journalists say that the star looks terrific and well kept, despite the personal drama.