Natalia Friske about the family meeting with Plato, “it Seems we have learned”

Natalia Friske about the family meeting with Plato, "it Seems we have learned" Family members of the singer met with her son last weekend. As it became known to journalists, a fellowship of relatives Janna Friske with her successor Plato was held in the presence of a psychologist and the judicial police officer-executor.
Natalia Friske about the family meeting with Plato, "it Seems we have learned"

Today it became known that TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev takes the decision of the court about meeting his son Platon parents Jeanne Friske Vladimir Borisovich and Olga Vladimirovna. About it the correspondent said the official representative of the Federal bailiff service of Russia in Moscow, Timur Korobitsyn.

As reported by the media, this statement was made in connection with the emergence of a large number of publications in the press, which said that the boy is not seen with loved ones. According to Korobitsyna, Shepelev voluntarily execute the decision of the courts.

The representative of the Department also said that last weekend was the first in a long time intercourse of Plato with his grandmother, grandfather and aunt Natalie. It was held in the presence of a judicial police officer-executor, and psychologist. “StarHit” contacted relatives of Jeanne Friske, who confirmed that he actually spoke to the child.

“Yeah, my mom and dad went to see Plato. Like he recognized us. I don’t know if these meetings are regular, but the fact that we were able to meet with Petoskey, we have the achievement. But I’m scared and don’t want to predict anything,” said Natalia Friske “StarHit”.

It is known that the Savelovsky court found the adaptation period of the year. During this time the meetings will occur once a month on neutral territory. They must also attend a psychologist or another important for the baby man, for example, Babysitting.

After the period set by the court will come to an end, relatives of Plato will start to see more of him. According to preliminary data, the duration of communication with the child can grow up to two times per month.

Recall that the family of Jeanne Friske long time I could not see my son star Plato. Earlier Vladimir Friske told reporters that Dmitry Shepelev does not comply with the court order. According to the father of the singer, on the eve of Easter broadcaster violated an agreement to meet with Plato. Shepelev, as reported by Friske, allowed to communicate with the child, but on the appointed day, was out on bond.

Later in mass media there was information that the famous host banned travel abroad in the period from 1 may to 1 June. It was alleged that Dmitry Shepelev evading enforcement of the judgment, so he was forbidden to leave the territory of Russia. It was said that if the entertainer will continue to ignore the requirement of justice, the sanctions against him could extend. Shepelev himself has not commented on the data published in a number of publications.

Let us also add that last week in Moscow was held a regular meeting on the case “Rusfond”. As a result, the court ruled that the parents of Jeanne Friske and her son Plato the amount of 21.6 million rubles. In turn, members of the family of the actress and her heir said that the appeal against the decision. Dmitry Shepelev about the recovery of millions: “Plato responsible for it should not”