Оскар Писториус получил шесть лет тюрьмы за убийство своей подруги Ривы Стинкамп

Paraolympian from South Africa Oscar Pistorius sentenced to six years in prison for the murder of his beloved model Riva Steenkamp, which he made on 14 February 2014. Such is the sentence passed by the court of Pretoria a few hours ago.

Оскар Писториус получил шесть лет тюрьмы за убийство своей подруги Ривы Стинкамп
Recall that the whole world was watching the development of investigative and judicial action of this high profile murder. Recall that the outrage was not the limit, when the Commission on early conditional release, it was decided to translate the killer under house arrest for the remaining four years. Then he was charged with manslaughter. Under house arrest in the house of his uncle, who vouched for athlete, imprisonment would be for Oskar Paradise – pool, SPA and other delights brightened the inability to leave the house. In addition, the court allowed him to attend Sunday Church services under police escort. So the conclusion it wasn’t. But unfortunately for Pistorius in December of this year, the Prosecutor failed to appeal the previous decision and the case returned to the Supreme court of South Africa.

The meetings were held in the past month. In one of them Oscar even took off his prostheses, but pity it did not cause neither the judge nor the prosecutors. Pistorius threatened to fifteen years imprisonment, received six for him were a gift from the judge.
Recall also that Oscar claimed that he did not notice that his beloved is not near him (!) on the bed, went to the noise in the bathroom and, as he says, fired at the attacker, hiding in the bathroom. The pair of neighbors claimed that before the sounds of shots were heard a woman screaming, but Pistorius said that he screamed falsetto of fear. In General, the numerous discrepancies and questions that the athlete could not give a clear answer, but it is delivered in the form of the above mentioned sentence.

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