Муж Френсис Бин Кобейн требует гитару её отца

Guitar of legendary rock musician Kurt Cobain, the one where he played before his untimely death, became a subject of controversy to his daughter , Frances Bean Cobain and her husband Isaiah Silva, with whom she is in the divorce process.

Муж Френсис Бин Кобейн требует гитару её отца

Isaiah says that the guitar Kurt’s Martin D-18E, on which he played his famous concert for MTV, and which is now worth millions of dollars, was a wedding gift to Francis as a token of her eternal love.
For fans of Cobain, this acoustically-electronic instrument is almost a sacred relic, and many are willing to give big money, but had to get a guitar.

Francis declares that did not give her husband a guitar father, because she is for her way as a memory. Naturally, they require that Isaiah returned the tool. For obvious reasons the guitar is insured for a million dollars, but experts argue that the auction price can reach tens of millions.
Mother Francis (the mother-in-law of Isaiah), of course, sided with her daughter and even called them son-in-law thief. If a man in the near future for good not return the instrument, the dispute will move into the legal realm.

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