Лионель Месси приговорен к 21 месяцу тюрьмы

And again the trial of the athlete. We are talking about Leonel Messi and his father Jorge, who are in the midst of a scandal involving tax evasion. Player of the Argentine national team and the player of “Barcelona” and his father received a 21 month prison sentence.

The Prosecutor accuses Messi (probably a soccer fan), he considers the verdict unfair. He believes that Messi Jr. should have been to justify a prison sentence the prosecution requested only for Jorge. But were in another side – the lawyer defending the interests of the state, it was she who insisted that as a warning to others the term got and Lionel.
Worry football fans should not be – according to the Spanish laws the term up to two years without problems can be replaced by a conditional, so Lionel will also appear on the football field. In addition to the time Messi has to pay the state a fine in the amount of one million euros, and his father will have to pay as many as half a million.
Recall that the charges Lionel and his father did back in 2013. Argentine striker and his father are suspected of tax evasion and fraud with tax returns. Messi had to pay ten million euros to stop the criminal case. He also was ready to pay Spain fifteen million, but he was denied. Well, now the state will get from Lionel is just a million.

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