Кайли Дженнер уволила мать из-за возлюбленного

It is no secret that the family of Kylie Jenner is not happy with her relationship with rapper Taiga as his personality in General. But the love of evil, and the youngest of telecomasia Kardashian-Jenner decided no one but your heart, don’t listen. To mother Kris Jenner behind her with his homilies, she decided to simply.. to fire her. As it turned out, Kylie was tired of the mother only tells her to live, but his attention focuses on other relatives – brother Rob and his fiancee, black Tea, Kendall and, of course, Kim..

“Chris has focused on the cap black, career, Kendall and, of course, Kim. Kylie feels that Chris as a Manager is simply not engaged in the development of her career and why she decided to hire a new management team” — said the insider.
Relationship problems mother and daughter began when Rob’s favorite Chris started Dating, black Tea, the old enemy Kylie and the child’s mother, her boyfriend forest. For many years Kylie begged her mother to launch her own reality TV project, but Chris was delaying it for later. But now thinking to start filming a reality show about the life of the RBA and the black, which, as we all know, are expecting a baby.
“When it became aware of his own show Rob, Kylie felt a bitter resentment towards your mother. She was tired of living in the shadow of the family and she blames Chris. The last straw in the decision of Kylie was that Chris adamantly opposed to Taiga. Mother and daughter quarreled, and the latter said that Chris is being unfair to her because all the children it supports. Now they do not even communicate” — said the insider.

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