Опра Уинфри похудела на 28 килограммов, считая калории

The major figure of the American televideniya, 62-year-old Oprah Winfrey decided on a radical change.

As they say, it’s never too late to start to change… For the Opry Winfrey, one of the most famous Telegu America, that moment came when she turned 62 years old! In this age the darling of the viewers have lost 28 kg and says that this is not the limit.

It all began as you might think, not with diets and gyms… that Winfrey never cared, and, oddly enough, with money!

As a recognized celebrity, she was asked by the owners of the company Weight Watchers with an offer to invest. But Oprah wouldn’t be the richest woman in American TV, if it agreed to the deal blindly. She replied that she must first try to their diet and to ensure its effectiveness. This conversation was in August of 2015. And in October, TV star publicly announced that it would invest $ 43 million into the company over a 10-procentul share and a seat on the Board of Directors.

And she meanwhile began to lose weight… “weight watchers Diet” (so translated it into Russian) based on a simple and effective principle of “eat less, move more.” This is how it turned out, almost everything, but each product is assigned a score (points). People weighing 70 kg can only have 18 points a day, while heavyweights from 100 kg and more shall be entitled to rely on the diet in 26 points. There is a gradual transition from one weight category to another less. Reduced accordingly and the number of allowed points a day… of Course, at first glance it seems very tedious to write down any eaten croissant in a notebook. But in fact to do so doesn’t need to. Calories you consider a smart app!

By the way, in the end, Oprah lost per year 28 kg. But where a large figure was heavier than her purse. Because of a better advertising than the Opry Winfrey, the company, and could not dream.

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