Какая талия! Жена Мота ест сладкое и не толстеет

23-year-old girl admitted that he is not particularly working together to achieve a perfect figure.

Fiancee of popular rapper is itself almost a star: the life of Mary in Instagram following of almost 700 thousand followers. Daily 23-year-old girls write hundreds of compliments and questions how she manages to keep herself in perfect shape?

“I go to the gym very often doing exercises at home. My growth 1.68, weight from 50 kg up to 55. I am preparing myself. The waist never did, no zone training I don’t have any plastic surgery too, did not!”, – Mary answered again all the questions of followers.

Recall that a week ago, Mary and Matthew got engaged in one of the Moscow registry offices. Immediately after painting, the couple went on a honeymoon to the ocean. Followers of the rapper and her wife continue to wonder – whether there will be a magnificent celebration in the family Melnykovych, or the couple decided to have an intimate celebration?

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