“On vacation with Andrei Malakhov”: as the winners of the competition met the winter in the Dominican Republic

«В отпуск с Андреем Малаховым»: как победители конкурса встретили зиму в Доминикане The highlights of the trip today in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live broadcast.» The heroes swam with the dolphins, watching the exotic birds and sunbathing on the best beaches of the Dominican Republic.

Today, February 2, on the TV channel “Russia 1” will be released a special edition of “Andrey Malakhov. Live”, dedicated to the final of the competition “StarHit” “on vacation with Andrei Malakhov”. The project will share their impressions of the trip to the Sunny Dominican Republic, where they rested in the company of the chief editor.

In early April, “StarHit” launched the traditional competition “on vacation with Andrei Malakhov”, which from year to year causing quite a stir. And this time was no exception! Tens of thousands who sent letters in which they described why they or their loved ones deserve to spend a vacation in the company of Andrew Malakhov and other lucky people. The winners are 10 of the most vivid characters and their stories! Andrey Malakhov to the last kept secret of the country, which will host holiday parties, and only on the way to the airport they learned that flying in the Sunny Dominican Republic!

The heroes waited by unforgettable adventures: they swam with the dolphins, tried the world’s best coffee and cocoa, played Golf, toured the island by helicopter, rode in buggies in the tropical forest, watching exotic birds, sunbathing on the best beaches, bathed by the Atlantic ocean and the Caribbean sea, and tasted local cuisine.

All participants and the main inspirer of the project Andrey Malakhov trip to the Dominican Republic brought new emotions, bright impressions and memories!

A detailed report of the journey, see the special edition of “Andrey Malakhov. Live” today at 17.55 on the channel “Russia 1”.