Vitaly Gogunsky gave up my career for his beloved

Виталий Гогунский отказался от карьеры ради любимой The actor sets other priorities. Vitaly Gogunsky attentive to the proposals of the Directors, as it believes that the role of imprinted on him. He now focuses on producing music project daughter
Виталий Гогунский отказался от карьеры ради любимой

Star of TV series “Univer” Vitaly Gogunsky participated in the show “the invisible Man” on TV channel TV-3. Experts said that forced him to give up on life and withdraw into themselves. Also they have made your prediction, how will his relationship with model Irina Marko. One of the statements struck Giganskogo in shock: a 39-year-old actor, singer and composer predicted the recurrence of the tragic fate of the actor Andrei Rostotsky, who died, fell off a cliff.

In addition, the fortuneteller Aida Martirosyan is convinced that in the near future Giganskogo waiting for the birth of a new child – actor who already has a daughter, and now dreams about the boy. When she was a baby, the couple broke up – but last year Vitaly surprised everyone by returning to Irina playing with her wedding. At program entry, reunited lovers came together – now the beloved artist has no doubt that the spouse will give birth to a second child.

“During the recording of “the invisible Man” told me that there is potential in the music and next to me lives a unique person. So I began to pay attention to producing the musical project daughter Milana. And it became the main opening of last year! In YouTube began “melanomya” her clip went to all the top bloggers and pop stars, people now send her their songs. Its success exceeded all our expectations! This is especially nice because it really is merit in the first place my daughter, we are not engaged in the promotion: just posted the clip to YouTube, I repostnul in Instagram. Now we are preparing a new big story with unique Russian technologies, will see what will come – God willing,” – said Vitaly.

According to psychologist program Maria Pugacheva, Gogunsky not very happy with what he has – he has high expectations. Because of this, he turned inward and is going through a crisis. Indeed, recently the star of channel TNT was less likely to appear on television. However, experts attribute this to changes in the artist’s personal life and claim that poverty does not threaten him.

Виталий Гогунский отказался от карьеры ради любимой“I was particularly hooked that almost all the experts of the program “invisible Man” in one voice said that this man lives several lives, and it is necessary to pay more attention to their own. After that I revised my attitude to the acting profession, although it and so I had a kind. Yes, acting very much has given me in my life, but I realized that it inhibits my development – I’m so used to the role that they have marked my life. And I want to still live your life. And then I began to refuse all offers in movies and TV series. Now even wrote a show about me, and they called it “acne”, but I decided to pursue my other dreams,” the singer confessed.

What other secrets of life Giganskogo Vitali was able to uncover experts, viewers will learn on 2 February, in the program “invisible Man” at 19: 00 on TV-3.