55-year-old conductor he married his pupil to avoid jail time

55-летний дирижер женился на ученице, чтобы избежать тюремного срока Yuri Bondarenko seduced a minor girl. Their relationship began a few years ago. Man was to be tried under article 134 of the criminal code, however, he decided to formalize the relationship with Natasha. To do this he had to divorce his wife after 35 years of marriage.
55-летний дирижер женился на ученице, чтобы избежать тюремного срока

The resonant story happened in St. Petersburg. Former conductor of the Lyceum of arts Yury Bondarenko married with his student. The man went to such a step, as he was accused of molesting minors. In order to avoid punishment, he decided to leave his wife, they were married for 35 years.

Allegedly, the man knew very well the law. Information about the wedding was announced in Kirov district court. Previous meeting Bondarenko passed, citing poor health. The conductor was under house arrest.

The girl’s father Natalia K. (name changed – Ed.ed.), Serhiy told the journalists that the representatives Bondarenko has provided a marriage certificate.

“At trial, Natasha said that the statement in the registry office they filed on 9-10 January, and the 23rd received the certificate of registration of marriage. Usually such statements within one month are considered, therefore here, apparently, was accelerated procedure,” said a relative of the girl.
55-летний дирижер женился на ученице, чтобы избежать тюремного срока

Natasha studied at art College and lived with my mother. At first the girl started to chat with Bondarenko in the social network, and then they started meeting in person.

“At the meeting of Natasha confirmed that her relationship with the conductor began with the age of 15, but insisted that they are based on mutual feelings. However, she argued that Bondarenko had allegedly proposed to her in January 2017, and when in November she was 18 years old, reiterated that proposal. The judge asked, why, then, Bondarenko had not proposed to her when, as a 16-year-old, she became pregnant, Natasha said nothing,” – said the girl’s father.

The girl thought he fell in love with Bondarenko. To admit feelings to the teacher, Natasha sent him a letter.

“Then she began pretty to regularly write me letters and notes, which became a Declaration of love, began to call me on my cell phone, waiting after school for a high school to meet me,” – said Yuri at one of the meetings.

In 2015, Bondarenko and his student began to meet at the hotel hourly. In February 2015, the conductor and the girl happened intimacy. The hotel staff did not verify the age of visitors.

Once they were noticed by passers-by, when Natasha and Yuri had sex in the car. Conductor paid the fine. Until the spring of 2016 the girl was hiding a sexual relationship with Bondarenko. However, when the pregnancy test showed two bands, she had to tell the teacher. He took the girl to the abortion.

The petition was filed in may 2017. During the interrogation, Bondarenko pleaded guilty and told investigators about encounters with a young girl. It is assumed that he especially made it time to marry Natasha.