On the day of death to the Prince came the doctor from Minnesota

В день смерти к Принсу приезжал врач из Миннесоты

Michael Todd Schulenburg, a doctor from Minnesota, came on the morning of 21 April the famous singer Prince, who that day was found dead in the Elevator of his own Studio. Edition of the Los Angeles Times, referring to trapped in the revision of judicial materials, said that Mr. Schulenburg handed him the test results.

The newspaper also reported that Prince was treated at the specialist, and on 20 April they changed the drug. But what kind of medication are prescribed by a doctor, not reported. It is possible that it led to sudden death of the artist.
The representative of the hospital North Memorial Medical Center Lisa Bader, in which the Schulenburg had worked as a paramedic (now it does not work in the health care system), confirmed that he had a license to operate. Where is he, and why is reluctant to communicate with journalists, a former colleague of the doctor does not know. Celebrity death is still under investigation, and the most popular version is an overdose of pain medication Percocet, which the Prince took with 2009. He has long suffered from pain in the hip and became addicted to the drug. Even after surgery in 2010, he has failed to get rid of the dependence. Earlier media reported that just before his death, the singer took shape in one of the specialized clinics, but hit it did not have time.

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