Antonio Banderas will play the aging rocker-sex-addict

Антонио Бандерас сыграет стареющего рокера-сексоголика

Antonio Banderas takes on the case again.

The actor will show all their musical skills to adequately translate on the screen the image of an aging rocker suffering from love.

In the story the bass player, once superpopular rock band, married to a supermodel, which I one day decide to kidnap the Chilean pirates. The musician immediately sent to the rescue of his wife, despite his complete unwillingness to mission.

The film will be the Creator of “Air prison” and “the Expendables 2 Simon West.

Filmmaker promises that his new phenomenal and brilliant Comedy will be performed in the style of “the Hangover”. Starring this proposal pleased and says that his dream has finally come true: “Finally met my three passions: film, music and humor.

Shooting the Comedy “salty” will begin this summer in Chile.

Earlier, Banderas gave his consent to the shooting in a psychological Thriller called “Black butterfly”.

Colleague Antonio should be Jonathan Rhys Myers.

“Black butterfly” is not a movie with an original story. It will be a remake of the French TV Thriller Christian Faure, where the main character named Paul, by profession a writer, is experiencing a crisis of genre. He decides to shelter at the strange tramp (Jonathan Rhys Myers), who eventually begins to cause the Floor to work. Relations between the characters deteriorate, but however to a Floor comes the understanding that everything is for a reason.

Shooting will begin in may.

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