Samburski repeated the twine Volochkova

Самбурская повторила шпагат Волочковой

This time, the Holy of the famous ballerina splits – encroached actress of the series “Univer”.

Now, Nastasya Samburski, star of TV series “Univer. The new dormitory is” resting in Thailand. Very soon she will fly to Moscow to play a show and then travel to Sweden to support the “Eurovision” her boyfriend Alexander Ivanov, who performs under the pseudonym Ivan will be present at the competition Belarus.

But that is for later. And while Saburskaya deserved vacation. Nastasya swimming in the sea, basking in the sun and pleases fans with vivid pictures.

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One of the pictures, by the way, was especially original. On pictures Samburski stretched in the splits on the deck of a yacht.

“I’m sorry, I’m not on the tank,” accompanied by the star post your comment.

Fans immediately sensed the trick, and soon guessed that the photo Samburski is an attempt to repeat the famous twine Volochkova.

Anastasia, by the way, in earnest colleagues on star shop did not react, but… then posted in his microblog in Instagram new twine. On the beach! In The Maldives! All at once, envy dead!

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