On 91-m to year of life has died comedian Jerry Lewis

На 91-м году жизни умер комедийный актер Джерри Льюис

Hollywood actor, whose films gave the audience a good mood, and a style of acting baffled eminent critics, Jerry Lewis died at 91-year life. A sad event has confirmed the official representative of the star through the browser in the Las Vegas Review Journal. It was confirmed that Lewis died Sunday morning at 9:15. The body was found at his home in Las Vegas.
На 91-м году жизни умер комедийный актер Джерри Льюис

In June, comedian was hospitalized in Las Vegas with an infection of the urethra. In June 2006, the actor suffered a minor heart attack, but soon, his Manager told People that “He’s doing absolutely fantastic. Soon he will appear on the stage of the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Association telethon on Labor Day.” At that time, the fundraiser, which was operated by the actor, has reached more than 2 billion dollars on medical research muscular dystrophy. A heart attack could not leave a trace. The consequences of the attack were soon led to health problems, which in June 2012 Lewis hospitalitynet with the fall of sugar level in the blood. All this occurs in minutes to its release on the event of the New York Friars Club, where he had to give an award to Tom cruise. In his life there were many terrible health problems. Back in 1982, you can see that famous comedian doing open-heart surgery, after which he struggled with prostate cancer, diabetes, and viral meningitis. As the actor was going through a depression due to the long exhaustion. It happened because of too large doses of the steroid prednisone, which was prescribed by his doctor for treatment of a tumor of pulmonary fibrosis.
На 91-м году жизни умер комедийный актер Джерри Льюис Soon, Lewis recovered in weight, which it was difficult even to tie the tie at the neck. He needed to exercise to lose weight, but the actor was very difficult to fulfill due to the rapid exhaustion and shortness of breath. Jerry Lewis was born into a family of Vaudeville performer Joseph Levitch and pianist in Newmark, new Jersey. Already at the age of 16 he got into the Comedy business, where he charmed everyone with his miraculous appearance and charisma. But the real fame came to the artist only after the cooperation with the contractor from Ohio with Dean Martin in 1946. Jerry entertained the audience with his acting skills while he was singing. I started with simple performances in Nightclubs, and soon they went to the movies and TV programs. Soon, the guys became a real phenomena. In 1983 Jerry Lewis is married to former dancer Sandra Pitnick, during filming in 1981 “Hardly Working”. In March 1992, the couple gave birth to a daughter, Dani.
His extraordinary popularity can be explained by the quote that the actor gave actor Sean Hayes, who played Lewis in “Lewis and Martin” 2002: “Always play 9-year-old child and always hold on to his innocence.” The American illusionist and magician Penn Jillette was not able to bypass the news side and reacted in his Twitter microblog: “Just died Jerry Lewis.” informs its readers of the terrible news the illusionist. “When I met him, I felt divided and even wept. And now, it seems once again it’s time to cry.”