Брэд Питт отправился на поиски пропавшего отца
He is willing to do anything to achieve the goal.

Brad Pitt


It seems that in the life of a 53-year-old brad pitt,
began light bar, and both personal and professional
plan. First, it is after a long
break due to family and personal problems, went back to work. Recently pitt appeared on
the set of a fantastic Thriller Ad Astra.

In this movie brad got the role of a military engineer,
who last saw his father 20 years ago, when I was a child.
Then his dad went flying in a starship towards planet
Neptune — hoping to make contact with
aliens. Since then, neither from him nor from other members of the crew of any
I haven’t heard anything. And now, grown-up hero pitt gives his word at any cost
find the missing father, even if he will have to endlessly wander
the galaxy…

The fact that the actor is going to take part in this project
Brad confirmed even in the winter. Then he admitted that he has long been dreaming to work
with Director James gray. Actually
speaking, they were supposed to meet the last project of grey is the film “the Lost
city of Z”.
But pitt, sorry, then “dropped” from the project. Brad’s not the only celebrity busy in this film. The role
missing parent of a character that had a chance to reincarnate pitt, as it was announced
will play the star of “Men in black” Tommy Lee Jones. And one of the “villainous” role went to Donald
The Sutherland.

Incidentally, the colleague of pitt could not help but notice that
the actor is in great physical shape and is in a good mood.
Looks like pitt has restored health and peace of mind — after a painful
period of feelings about the divorce with Angelina Jolie. Besides, his relationship with his family gradually
normalized. Recent months, Jolie began to communicate with them directly, and allows
to see much more of their total of six biological and adopted children.