Виктория Дайнеко резко поправилась The singer clarified the speculation of users of social networks, previously criticized her appearance. Cheryl Cole urged his followers to stop the discussion about its shape. According to the artist, in recent months she gained a few pounds.

Singer Victoria Dayneko — the owner of a slender and toned figure. For her a celebrity ready to pace yourself in Sportiva hall. However, the appearance of the performer sometimes causes heated discussions among her fans. Those periodically criticized for excessive, in their opinion, the thinness. Many believe that Victoria would not hurt to gain a few extra pounds. Recently Daineko decided to clarify the speculation of the public and rushed to stop the rumors about her alleged anorexia.

According to Victoria, for the last time, she not only lost weight, but gained a few pounds. The singer also appealed to the subscribers with the request to stop the discussion in its appearance. Dayneko told that she does not like some of the comments of followers.

“You have some extremes! “Fat” “anorexic” and stuff like that. (…) I feel great! More! I first got my native weight was before pregnancy. And if even three months ago, weighed 48 kg, now place all of my 55 with the growth of 161 cm and you go to the forest. Ah, Yes. If I was a fan of the cow’s udder, would have long since sewn it myself, but no, not mine,” said Victoria.

The singer also urged social media users to pay attention to their own shortcomings. “Therefore criticize his image in the mirror, and keep away from me. I feel good. Better than ever! Therefore, all love! And your negativity is seriously disfigures you and your life but not mine”, she added.

Fans of Victoria supported her numerous comments. “People have their life”, “You’re the best”, “Rightly said”, “Right”, “does it really matter that someone is there to say?”, “Pay no attention to negativity!”, “Hammer on the poor, you are beautiful”, “Vic, don’t worry! You’re pretty pleased with themselves — this is important,” “You are amazing and natural. Don’t worry”, “55 kg 161 cm weight otlichii. Especially if you yourself in it feel good,” wrote in the comments of the post artist.

Previously Cheryl Cole has denied rumours claiming she suffers from eating disorders. “Guys, you have me in my life seen” — ironically the star, making it clear that does not differ excessive thinness.