Olga Veter files for divorce with Gleb by Zhemchugova

Ольга Ветер подает на развод с Глебом Жемчуговым Ex-participant reality show wants to put a point in relations with a man. Olga the Wind began to gather the necessary documents to terminate the marriage by Gleb Zhemchugov. The fans support the woman and wish patience.

      Ольга Ветер подает на развод с Глебом Жемчуговым

      Olga the Wind finally decided to break off relations with the father of her child by Gleb Zhemchugov. The girl admitted on Twitter that he was going to file for divorce. For about a month, Olga does not live with her husband.

      On Thursday, the ex-participant reality show “House-2” has posted a dramatic selfie, caption which indicated that she had a lot to do. She plans to gather all the documents needed to start divorce proceedings. At first she didn’t want to explain what the paper she cooks, however, subscribers still got her answer.

      Ольга Ветер подает на развод с Глебом Жемчуговым

      Followers believe that a woman is doing the right thing, but worried that it might affect her son Mike. At the moment the boy is with his mom and hardly sees his father. They have to rent an apartment, because housing that won the Wind contest “man of the year”, will be ready at the end of this year.

      “I’m sure many men would like with you relations and creation of family”, “Well, right, meaning to pull your family who don’t appreciate you”, “there is no Need to suffer whole life with this man”, “You’re done! Everything will be fine”, “it was Immediately clear as soon as Olga left the project, the matter goes to divorce. Olga is committed to its objectives,” wrote words of support to other women.

      In recent times the relationship between the Wind and Zhemchugova were pretty intense. First Hleb talked to other people about their intimate life, and then began to give signs of attention to other women. Olga resented it, there were constant quarrels with her husband. Sometimes the couple would quarrel even with the baby. The star of “House-2” Olga Wind: “I do everything to keep the family together”

      “I find that hard to swallow, sometimes such passions that it is impossible to stop, I want to rant and rave. But in any case, I try to take myself in hand, because you know, the little kid hears all this, it reflects on his psyche. Try to be calm, but sometimes just does not work! I think we are not the first who faced with such problems, when children witness parents arguing,” said Olga in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”.