Numerologist about the son Sobchak and Vitorgan: “Parents should be patient”

Нумеролог о сыне Собчак и Виторгана: «Родителям стоит набраться терпения» This week in the family of TV presenter and actor son was born. The couple receiving congratulations from friends and acquaintances. “StarHit” asked Clara Kuzenbaeva what would be the heir Sobchak and Vitorgan.

      Last week, Ksenia Sobchak for the first time became a mother. This event was looking forward to family and fans of the stars. The presenter gave the son to her husband Maxim Vitorgan. The boy was born on November 18 in the Lapino hospital. The first few months mother and baby will live in the Moscow region Lyudmila Narusova, who was eagerly waiting for a grandchild. The mother of Xenia to help her with the boy. Lyudmila Narusova spoke of a newborn grandson

      “StarHit” talked with numerologist Klara Kuzenbaeva and learned what son Sobchak and Vitorgan and what you have to go to the parents of the baby. According to him, the pair will have to cultivate restraint.

      “On November 18 in numerology is called the “day of temperament.” The baby was born with an interesting program, and tremendous magnetism. It grows up to be a very charming young man who will be popular in girls. Ksenia and Maxim should be patient, the boy will require a lot of attention and effort on the part of parents. But with patience, by the way, the problems and Ksenia and Maxim – both have a “here and now”. The first months of a child’s life will be a challenge for young parents – they will be constantly faced with the fact that the child is not going to live by their rules and be forced to dance to his tune,” the forecast Clara.

      Apparently, the boy will grow up smart and capable as Maxim and Xenia. “The child character is very similar to the parents – a hard-nosed, hard… he would Have pronounced analytical skills, it will be good to know the exact science. Son Sobchak will differ a good memory and spirit of competition – as a mother, he will not forgive the offense and will be the last to fight for their ideals,” – said the expert.

      Ksenia Sobchak admitted that already found a nanny for my son. According to star it was a real challenge. Clara believes that the woman who will help with raising the baby, needs to instill in him positive qualities.

      “I would advise the family to get a babysitter that would be able to teach the offspring of celebrities patience and tact, otherwise it will grow into a man, can not stand criticism and prone to outbursts of anger. A very favorable influence on the baby will have Ksenia’s mother Lyudmila Narusova. It will teach grandson some manners,” said Kuzenbaeva.

      Heir Sobchak and Vitorgan will have a successful future. “He’ll make a good financial analyst, journalist, commentator. But the lawyer he’d better not become. And overall, I suggest the son Sobchak to avoid public professions. Demanding of himself and a leader by nature, he will be very painful to relate, if anyone around you will be successful”, – said the expert.

      According to Kuzenbaeva, boy I’ll be sure to play sports. “That’ll teach him to be more patient and flexible. His destined sign of popularity,” explained Clara.

      Unsurprisingly, this child was lucky to become the heir Sobchak and Vitorgan. He was born at the right time.

      “Life code 202189. Children who have the content in the code two eights as a rule are born into rich and successful families – son Sobchak was no exception,” – said Kuzenbaeva.