Olga Buzova dramatically changed hair color

Ольга Бузова кардинально изменила цвет волос  The presenter was a striking brunette. Olga Buzova dyed her hair a dark color and began to use the deeper tones in the makeup. In fatal beauty now is hard to find old girl with blond curls.

      TV presenter, fashion designer and actress Olga Buzova not get tired to experiment on his own way. And if there was a rating stars, which are more often inclined to surprise the audience with the sudden transformation of his style, Buzova, of course, would occupy in it a leading position.

      A little over a year ago diva got rid of the artificial long hair, preferring them a stylish rack of your own hair. A new image of Olga Buzova then loved her fans, but the media personality decided to go further. And after half a year Olga Buzova showed fans a new extremely short haircut.

      And now the media personality decided to stand in the way it is no one has ever seen. At the disposal of edition “StarHit” was the Olga Buzova in a new way. Find out in fatal beauty in the photo of the famous blonde is not easy. Leading “House-2” has drastically changed its appearance.

      Change the blond curls that gave way Olga femininity and romanticism, came the dark blonde strands. In fact, the star of the blonde turned into a brunette. It is worth noting that the new image is incredibly Olga Buzova, giving it business and respectable.

      Plus, becoming a dark-haired diva, TV presenter and changed the makeup. He became more vivid and deep.

      It is possible that the hair color change was associated with changes in the personal life of Olga Buzova. It is known that women who have experienced disappointment in love, I want to change something in yourself. Hairstyle is the most simple and quick way to do it.

      Recall that changes in your personal life the leading “House-2” Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov footballer for several weeks, do not give sleep to fans of the pair. Olga and Dmitry are clearly given to understand that relations in crisis, however, right not saying anything and not explaining to your fans. Olga Buzova for the first time shared his emotions after the breakup with her husband

      About their emotional state these days Olga Buzova tries to tell poems. Sometimes she writes them herself, but often borrows from other well-known online authors. Line, as a rule, full of pain from betrayal and sorrow. Friends and acquaintances Buzova noted that she was very upset because of problems with her husband.