Olga Shelest: “Our marriage with her husband null and void Russia”

Ольга Шелест: «Наш брак с мужем недействителен в России»
A married TV presenter with Director Alexei Tishkina is illegal.

Olga Shelest
admitted that her marriage with Alex Theskinny, in which they came into America,
in Russia is illegal. “We still can’t legalize the marriage in
Russia: all hands do not reach to translate the marriage certificate and the stamp
a notary,” says the TV presenter. First wife took care of
daughters of the Muses, and six months ago, Olga and Alexey was born a girl named iris.

Surprisingly, in all the interviews
Olga Shelest argued that he and Alex are not going to walk down the aisle. Even Olga’s pregnancy four years ago inspired Alex to lead the woman to the Registrar. “We are absolutely not going
to do this, so we were comfortable. Being decent people, we gave
each other a promise that we will be together until the end, said Rustle. And when we
pinned, and pinned us in new York at the time, wanted a piece of paper that the man without
the wife’s consent can make a particular deal, we had to get married.
And I was in the last months of pregnancy. It was wildly romantic”.

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