Galina Aleshkina gave birth to first child

Галина Юлашкина родила первенца Heir to the star family was born in one of the American clinics. The happy news was shared by family friend Olesya Kozhina-Roslovac. Young parents Galina Yudashkin and Peter Maksakov accept congratulations from numerous friends and relatives.

      Галина Юлашкина родила первенца

      Galina Yudashkin and her husband Peter are the parents Maksakov. The boy was born in one of the prestigious hospitals of new York. He was named Anatoly, as planned in advance. About this happy event was reported in his microblog a friend of the family and supermodel Olesya Kozhina-Roslovac. Yana Rudkovskaya already congratulated the star couple in the comments to the post.

      The decision to give birth abroad Galina adopted consciously, even though he admitted that it is nothing more than a whim of hers. Before the birth she said that she wants to do without an epidural. Act quite bold, because during anesthesia the pain felt less, but the daughter of the Russian designer decided that everything must happen by estestvennym. At birth she was supported by her husband Peter, who recently came to the States to support his wife. His appearance Galya was looking forward and admitted that she looked forward to her presence at the time of their child being born. However, to put the husband in the house at the crucial moment Yudashkin did not want.

      Unlike other celebrities, Galina did not hide information about the future firstborn: “We never made any secret of my pregnancy and the sex of the baby. I have said in several interviews that we’re expecting a son and want to name him in honor of Anatoly Patinage grandfather – Anatoly Dobrynin (Soviet diplomat, known for his participation in the settlement of the Caribbean crisis). In our family it is customary to give children names in honour of the older generation. I myself was named after my mom’s mom. Therefore, this decision came immediately, and the name Anatoly is now rare.”

      Earlier, a young mother said that Peter will be very touching and a responsible dad. Young mummy already thought through how they educate the son, in particular, parents are planning from an early age to put him to work.

      After returning to Russia, the couple plans to baptize the baby. Peter and Galina has even chosen a Church. The sacrament will occur where they held their wedding in the Church of Clement Pope of Rome in Moscow.

      By the way, in the period of expecting a baby star was filmed for the TV show “Pregnant”, which will be broadcast on the TV channel “Home”. Galina decided to take part in the show to show all others that motherhood is a true happiness.

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