Scientist from Britain: under a pseudonym Shakespeare wrote the Jew of Venice

Ученый из Британии: под псевдонимом Шекспир писала еврейка из Венеции

To be or not to be — Shakespeare? That is the question, which for many centuries defined scientists of our planet.

This time British Explorer John Hudson did sensatsionnoe statement: “Romeo and Juliet”, “hamlet”, “Otelo” and other plays English classics was written by a woman named Amelia Bassano.

Moreover, the scientist found her personality and gave some evidence in favor of his conclusions.

According to the scientist, Amelia Bossano, ispolzuya alias William Shakespeare, was a dark-haired Jewess. She was born in 1569 into a family of court musician to Elizabeth I, lived in London and at a young age she was in a relationship with Chamberlain Henry Carey, in charge of all the theatres in Britain. He contributed to the fact that his sweetheart was a success.

Also John Hudson is sure that Amelia has Bossano was having an affair with the poet and playwright Christopher Marlowe, with whom she became pregnant and died in poverty in 1645.

One of the main arguments of the researcher in favor of the fact that no Shakespeare existed, was the fact that Bassano in certain pieces accurately described Denmark and Italy, while in the biography of this British master stated that he left the borders of their country.

In addition, John Hudson believes is not accidental that in “Othello” there is a character named Amelia, and in the “merchant of Venice” – Bassanio.

It is known that the scientist was working on my theory for about eight years, but had not yet received support from colleagues. Most thought his idea of utopia.

Earlier, the works of Shakespeare attributed to his wife Anna Hathway, Oxford and Countess Mary of Pembroke.

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