Olga Romanovskaya called Elena Volatile “angry and jealous”

Ольга Романовская назвала Елену Летучую «злой и завистливой» The conflict between the ex-leading “Revizorro” does not cease. Recently, the scandal involved the former participant of group “VIA Gra” Olga Romanov. The singer is outraged by the act of Helen Bat not less than Nastasya Samburski.
Ольга Романовская назвала Елену Летучую «злой и завистливой»

An interview with Elena Flying, in which she criticized his successors in the show “Revizorro” continue to discuss. Last week a colleague in the shop spoke negatively of the current leading transmission Nastasya Samburski, and afterwards shared his opinion and former member of pop group “VIA Gra” Olga Romanov.

Talking to reporters, the singer said that the highest ratings of transmission to her, not while working the Fly. As Romanov says, the program guide may confirm her words. Olga explained the behavior of Elena’s jealousy to other leading “Revizorro”.

“In my opinion, this has long been not a young woman it’s time to educate children, not to spew anger and envy to young, cheerful and beautiful. For example, I once and there is no need to do this kind of stuff – said Romanov. Honestly, Flying got. I frankly got sick of her attention. Of course, at first was flattered, even though she trashed me at every opportunity. But now it is impossible: let your jealousy and bile is pouring into the other side. I like this nasty woman generally uninteresting”.

In his recent post on Instagram said and did made clear that he doubted the professionalism of the Fly. Olga believes that its success owes Elena the job of producers who created her image. According to the artist, Telebanking behaved extremely disrespectful to those who “gave her life”. Assessing the activity of Flying, Romanovskaya did not hesitate in expressions.

“The man who does not worth a penny without the project and much frantic due to the fact that the time has gone. Downed pilot. Almost expired yogurt that you bought because advertised, and there is not a want, for it is not good. Stop blatantly lying in an interview,” – said Olga Elena.

According to Olga, Elena allegedly incited the fans against her. “Then they wrote me in the comments a lot of nasty things about my mother, my children, my family. She also publicly thanked, encouraged. She also made an order that the hackers have hacked my phone,” Romanov told reporters in an interview Woman.ru.

Flying itself has not yet responded to the attacks of Romanov, and Samburski. Helen went to rest in Dubai. While abroad, a celebrity enjoying every minute away from the stressful everyday work. Therefore, the star is in no hurry to share with the public his opinion on the act of the peers.