Юрий Куклачев впервые рассказал о слабости Дмитрия Марьянова Popular circus artist was acquainted with the deceased actor. Yuri Dmitrievich befriended by Marjanovi during the filming of the movie “Above the rainbow”. As recognized by Kuklachev, Dmitri adored cats, animals soothed him in difficult moments.
Юрий Куклачев впервые рассказал о слабости Дмитрия Марьянова

Yuri Kuklachev is a famous Russian circus, clowns clown, people’s artist of the RSFSR, but the fame he got as a trainer of cats. In the program “Hello, Andrew!” on the channel “Russia 1” he first spoke about the weaknesses of Dmitry Marjanova… They met on the set of the film “over the rainbow”. As admitted Yuri Dmitrievich, the actor often came to his room, where cat and asked to play or hang out with animals.

As recognized by Kuklachev, furry Pets soothed Maryanova. He was doted upon and always cherished. The last time Yuri Dmitrievich and deceased actor was seen seven years ago.

“During the filming of “over the rainbow” he always came and said: “Uncle Yuri, let me potisku kitten”. He’s got some attitude to animals was surprising, reverent… time Passed… Suddenly in the theatre man comes to me, I didn’t even recognize him. Dima, I remember slender. And suddenly a full man! And said: “Uncle Yuri, it’s me!” It was seven years ago… It is sad to see that I don’t recognize him, and we are in a movie together was being filmed. He has changed 100 percent,” said Kuklachev.
Юрий Куклачев впервые рассказал о слабости Дмитрия Марьянова

Then Kuklachev Maryanov asked to put it in one of the enclosures with the cats. Yuri Dmitrievich began to refuse someone.

“He sat there and said, “You know the worst thing when you betray. How nice that you live in love…” And I have two hundred cats now! I did not to ask what had happened…” – said Yuri Dmitrievich.