Мать скончавшегося участника «Голоса» Андрея Давидяна выселяют из квартиры Granddaughter women want to get her house or money. Friends Andrew can not share the millions that left after his death. According to lawyer Laura Escamilla VEGA, who filed a lawsuit against Zlata Sergeyevna.
Мать скончавшегося участника «Голоса» Андрея Давидяна выселяют из квартиры

About half a year ago died the star of the show “the Voice” and eks-the soloist groups “Leap summer”, “Victoria” and “Rock-Atelier” Andrey Davidyan. The actor died in a Moscow clinic after an ischemic stroke and coma. After the death of Andrew many of his relatives began to divide the funds.

The mother of Davidian Zlata Sergeyevna, which is 93, has an apartment in Krylatskoye. Her flat is haunted by the daughters of Davidian. Lawyer Andrew Escamilla Laura VEGA said that the musician kept the older brother of Karen and his mother, who can’t walk. After his death they were left without food and livelihoods.

“My mother even said that her younger son was no longer alive. “Go tell her! – asked my brother. – I can’t.” Relatives Davidian I only knew the mother of his youngest daughter Katie is his ex-wife and backup singer Anna Abramochkin, which was present at the funeral. Contacted her in the hope that she and her daughter will take care of Zlata S. and Karen. “You know, we have a relationship with them is not very developed,” said Abramochkin. And gave me to understand that to help them it has no plans,” – said the lawyer.

Мать скончавшегося участника «Голоса» Андрея Давидяна выселяют из квартиры

As it became known from friends of Andrew, he has left 15 million roubles. He planned to buy a property. The last months of his life he lived with his girlfriend Victoria Kolos. She took all my things and moved out from a rented apartment a while ago. Laura Escamilla VEGA could not give a statement to the police on this woman because she is not a relative of the deceased. None of the relatives could not tell her lover the S. that Andrew is no longer alive. So Laura decided to deliver the tragic news.

“She was screaming, regular sedative injections had not worked, and the doctors had to give her a special injection that disables the nervous system. When Zlata S. came to, I received a power of attorney and on its behalf, wrote the application in OVD “the Airport”. But the police were in no hurry to do anything to search for the missing property. Witnesses not interviewed. Recording with cameras didn’t look. And then started to brush me off with the words: “It’s a genetic thing. Sort it out yourself”, – says the lawyer.

With the help of law enforcement friends, Andrew was able to return 25 thousand dollars and 9 thousand Euro from the ear. However, in addition daughter Davidian began to demand money from an elderly grandmother. A child from the relationship of the artist to Anne of Abramochkin began to demand the amount allegedly not paid father. She wanted to get alimony in the amount of 160 thousand rubles.

Also on the heritage of the artist pretends to be Mary, born from Olga Gorokhova. Now both daughters offer Zlata S. to sell the apartment and pay them the money they require.

“All my attempts to stop the greedy heirs are still to anything did not lead,” said the lawyer in an interview with “Express newspaper”.