Ольга Рапунцель мечтает, чтобы ее дочь была умнее родителей The star of the TV show told about how she sees the future of their child. In a short time from the participant “House-2” will be born long-awaited daughter. Also Olga told what the ritual is planning to hold with the participation of the baby.

Olga Rapunzel with Dmitry Dmitrenko are some of the most prominent participants of the TV project “Dom-2”. Very soon the participant of the show for the first time will become a mother. Shortly before the happy event Olga told about the plans for the future.

The couple decided to be together during childbirth. Dmitry is ready to support his wife in this moment.

“It was not my idea, but only his desire. He offered – say, want to see how the baby is born. I would have a hand to hold me. But if I wanted to see Dima at birth, and he was against it, I would not began to persuade him,” said Rapunzel.

Olga noted that it is not afraid of the upcoming childbirth. In her opinion, it is a natural process that has to be every woman. Participant of the TV show are even ready to refuse pain medication.

“What am I, some kind of special? Believe that all will be well, and wait for childbirth not with fear, but with joyful anticipation, because he sees his daughter. I think she also wants to see the mother handle me waving on the ultrasound… And if you really unbearable will be, ask the doctor to inject me with the epidural, although I would like to do without it and test all the required I the nature of the feeling,” shared Olga.

Rapunzel has not yet revealed the name of his daughter. Olga just told how is heir to.

“Beautiful – as we with Dima. But not immediately. Of course. She is born, for sure, like all kids, little blue. Dream that she had my eyes, ears and hair, and the nose, eyebrows, lips and heels – Dima’s. And yet. She will grow up smarter and more successful than us. I would just like to be born, to give her the Breasts that she felt that the native right. And then I want Dima to hold over her ritual protection from evil eye and spoilage parental love” – shared Rapunzel.

Participant of “House-2” said that he plans definitely to baptize the daughter. But before the Church ceremony Olga is going to make another ceremony. “What to do will not tell the secret. But open secret: the ritual is performed on the saliva of parents, during a special Church pronounced the words,” said Rapunzel in an interview with “House-2”.