Ослепшая первая жена Александра Збруева: «Саша меня не навещает» Valentina Malyavina regret that the ex-husband comes to her in the nursing home. On the day of the 80th anniversary of the actor Alexander zbrueva his first wife confessed that she was happy with him and is worried about one thing – that can’t communicate with the ex-spouse.
Ослепшая первая жена Александра Збруева: «Саша меня не навещает»

Today, March 31, Zbruev Alexander was 80 years old. Age has no power over the actor, he continues actively to work in the theatre Lenkom, which came 56 years ago.

Zbruev has played in more than 80 films, many of which have become classics of Russian cinema and the role of Alexander Viktorovich – the textbook examples of acting. Nice, handsome, charismatic Vadim always loved women. And he never hid that he was amorous with youth. The first time Alexander truly fell in love with a schoolgirl Valentina Malyavin. He met her in his native Arbat and almost immediately brought home. Although Alexander’s mother was strongly against the girls, Zbruev and Malyavina was secretly married. He was only 20, and he studied to be an actor. After her beloved husband Valentine also went to the artist, especially since the girl showed great talent. His first major role she played in Andrei Tarkovsky’s film “Ivanovo the childhood” at the age of 19. The young actress dropped by the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre for movie. Started traveling, rare meeting with her husband, the jealousy. Once Valentine admitted that she’s having an affair with Director Pavel Arsenova. Zbruev couldn’t forgive the betrayal, and young people divorced after marriage of only four years. In the documentary of the First channel “Alexander Zbruev. Three stories of love” actor about his wife responds with respect. But the act says is right.

“Maybe once you betrayed the people. But if once, then I will give second and third and fourth and fifth… This is not a real person, then, and some kind of curve… I honestly don’t really want to list the names of their spouse, because they are all wonderful – beautiful, talented, insanely beautiful, and I am happy that the Lord sent them to me,” says Alexander Zbruev.
Ослепшая первая жена Александра Збруева: «Саша меня не навещает»

The fate Valentina Malyavina was tragic. The actress was accused of the murder third husband – the actor of the Vakhtangov theatre of Stanislav Zhdanko and was sentenced to nine years in prison, freed after four years on Amnesty. In 2001, Malyavina lost his eyesight and for many years lived in a boarding house for visually impaired, sometimes only the closest (for example, his nurse or longtime girlfriend actress Miroshnichenko) trusting your thoughts. Malyavina repents, says he was really happy with their husbands, and regrets that she doesn’t visit the first spouse. Alexander Zbruev says: “Want to remember her young and beautiful.”

Ослепшая первая жена Александра Збруева: «Саша меня не навещает»“She is still on the Zbruev, every time I see her. And when they were young, she always wore his fotogafia and repeated: my Sasha, my Sasha is. It was so touching, so sincere,” says Irina Miroshnichenko.
Ослепшая первая жена Александра Збруева: «Саша меня не навещает»

She Malyavina says that “punished for the sins of” those that do not see and slowly losing her hearing.

…For the second time Alexander Zbruev married the dancer and actress, performer of the role of Natasha in the legendary film by Sergei Bondarchuk “War and Peace” – Lyudmila Savelyeva. His only daughter, the couple named in honor of Rostova – Natasha. They are still married, despite the fact that Alexander had a love affair with actress Lenkoma by Elena saninas, which had a second daughter, Tatyana, who bears the name of the father and also became an actress.

After a personal injury, elder daughter Zbruev left to live with their parents