Звезда фильма «Утомленные солнцем 2» зверски убит после смены пола Eugene Sapaev went in drag and did a bright makeup. The man does not feel comfortable in my own body, and therefore decided to change the nature. Hooligans in Moscow did not like his appearance.
Звезда фильма «Утомленные солнцем 2» зверски убит после смены пола

Actor Eugene Sapaev became famous not creative success… three years after the premiere of the second part of the picture of Nikita Mikhalkov, in which the aspiring actor played the role of the second plan, all the media started talking about 38-year-old man. On one of the channels he stated that he cut with a knife the reproductive organ for the dream to become a woman.

The operation was conducted himself at home, because the money on the professional surgeons have Sapaev was not, and for several months he studied the manuals of anatomy. The first two attempts failed – actor brought it started to end. But the third was successful. However, despite peruse the literature, Eugene couldn’t stop the bleeding and went to the hospital. The doctors saved his life. After long-term treatment Sapaev went to his native village Velikovo Vladimir region, and has ceased to act.

“Often stopping by to visit me – says “StarHit” Julia Busareva, a friend of the actor. – Loved the long conversations. And even when the topic was uninteresting to me, never expelled. Suddenly Eugene began to come less often, and then completely disappeared. Said that went to the capital to convalesce. Last saw buddy in March of last year… But recently learned with horror that he is no more. Some hooligans in Moscow did not like Zhenya’s appearance – he was beaten to death. The body was brought to his native place. Buried like a stray no one knows where, not even allowed to say goodbye to loved ones”.
Звезда фильма «Утомленные солнцем 2» зверски убит после смены пола

According to the villagers, Sapaev went to the women’s clothes, made a bright make-up, grew his hair long… Even came up with a new name – Nastya. Local to the neighbor used to, but shunned. Folks the actor also was not near, suffered from loneliness.

“It is not visited only once came someone from the family says “StarHit” Alexey Tumanov, a villager of the artist. – Brought all things out of the house, now empty. Sapaev have left grandma Nina. Eugene’s parents died 20 years ago”.

That grandson gone, grandma still doesn’t know. During the life of Eugene passed her to a nursing home. The same reason – lack of money. Nina took the act wasn even called his granddaughter as he asked.

“Our trust almost does not speak, – has shared with “StarHit” Svetlana, an employee of the nursing home. – Crying bitterly that his grandson never calls or visits. Eugene loves to madness!”