Александр Галибин едва не разбился в автокатастрофе The car of the actor turned over because of a snowstorm. Aleksandr Galibin was in the cabin together with his wife Irina. However by a happy coincidence they managed to survive and get off with minor injuries.
Александр Галибин едва не разбился в автокатастрофе

Actor Alexander Galibin became known for filming in many movies: “Tavern on Pyatnitskaya”, “Master and Margarita”… It was after filming the last scene for many artists and filmmakers linked to various mystical events that began to occur in their lives. We will remind, Alexander Galibin played in the movie by Vladimir Bortko the Master role. The artist recalled that five days after the end of filming he got into a terrible accident when he was returning with his wife from her mom, then they carried different pickles and jams. Was driving down the embankment and their car turned over because of the Blizzard and brought into the oncoming lane.

“I remember a moment when he thought about his loved ones — mother, the eldest daughter, Masha, Ksenia and Ira, who was sitting nearby. There was total silence, and only the car was buzzing. Asked Irina, all right, she said, “Like, alive,” recalled Galibin.
Александр Галибин едва не разбился в автокатастрофе

Alexander’s wife Irina said that while they were driving with unfastened seat belts, and because they were lucky escaped with minor injuries. The wife of the actor said that many witnesses a terrible accident was very surprised as well. the underside of the case.

Immediately after the accident Irina went home to the kids, and Alexander was waiting for a tow truck because the car was badly damaged.

The couple grows two children, Ksenia and Vasily. The woman admitted that sometimes she feels uneasy with her husband, because he likes to frequently change cities.

“Sasha’s the only feature, which is still hard to get used to — craving to change places. I am by nature a homebody, but over the years, we’ve only had 12 apartments. To relocate need to be ready always — that’s what happened to our house. Sasha decided to live outside the city, and it was not discussed. I was nervous, worried, thinking how it all arranged, but the decision was taken”, – said Irina.

However, after a while the wife of the actor praised this act of the husband, because children are useful as often as possible to fresh air. The couple is glad that their family has two heirs. After the birth of eldest daughter, Irina and Alexander began thinking about a second child. Galibin admitted in an interview with the magazine “Caravan of stories” that he and his wife prayed for a long time to become parents again.