Ольга Рапунцель и Дмитрий Дмитренко выбрали имя для дочери The couple had reunited. Dimitrenko is willing to do anything to be with Rapunzel. Now they are preparing for the celebration of the New year, as well as discuss how to name the unborn child.

In order to restore the relationship with Olga Rapunzel, Dmitri Dmitrenko came back to the TV project “Dom-2”. He pleaded guilty before the chosen one and now applies all the force that she forgave him. The young man re-kindled feelings for the mother of his unborn child. The pair had been discussing how they call the daughter.

“They say that the broken Cup does not stick together. However, I think anything is possible. It is necessary to break stereotypes and frameworks. It’s in Russia, for some reason people live on the strange canons, but in the West this is not. All live as they want. We need to live as your soul is. It doesn’t matter who judge you and what you think. I am grateful to God and to his woman, what are we waiting for daughter. By the way, we’ve already picked a few options of names, but still want to keep it a secret,” said Dmitry.

Rapunzel also admitted that he had long forgiven the man. According to participants of telestroke, she is ready to forget the beatings and infidelity, as the dreams of a complete family. Olga tries not to think about the infidelity of a spouse. The couple decided not to divorce.

“You know, I want our attitude to each other changed. To have stability and respect for the family. In addition, I would like to return to our traditions. For example, we always celebrated the day we met. You need to restore it. Now it’s important for me to show a different format of relations. Enough of this circus and clowning. It’s time to show that we love each other”, – said today in an interview with Dom2Life.ru.

Recall that the scandal between Rapunzel and Dimitrenko took place in September of this year. Olga claimed that after leaving the TV show the man was not working, and sometimes mistreated her and even beat. The expectant mother didn’t know how to be, so were going to divorce. Now, however, things got better. She’s happy and tells the followers as Dima tenderly touching her tummy.

“To carry the child under her heart – true happiness… Dima and so missed half of pregnancy. Imagine when your beloved touches the tummy, my daughter reacts, starts to hit a leg or the handle” – shared Rapunzel.