Билли Лурд отправилась посмотреть на северное сияние, чтобы почтить память своей матери Кэрри Фишер

The daughter of actress Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia in the Saga “Star wars”, Billy Lourdes went to Norway with his father Brian and Lourdes, to see the Northern lights. On the anniversary of the death of his mother, looking at the stars, Billy and her father remembered his mother, who died last December, the 60 year of death from cardiac arrest.

Билли Лурд отправилась посмотреть на северное сияние, чтобы почтить память своей матери Кэрри Фишер

“My mom was just obsessed with the Northern lights, but I never had to see him with her.,” Lourdes writes under two photos of her and my father staring at a beautiful green glow. “We went to Northern Norway to see whether heaven will reveal their black robes and show their dazzling beauty to our unworthy eyes. And it showed.” “I endlessly love you.” LURD says about his feelings to his mother.

Also Lourdes celebrated Christmas in Norway with the father, his husband Bruce Bozzi, half-sister Ava and actor Austin Rydell.

One of the family members, Fischer was the favorite actress of French bulldog Gary. “Happy birthday mom, I will miss you and those cozy days that we spent together,” he wrote in the official instagram Harry under the photo, which the actress hugs his dog.” The post has already gained more than 20 thousand likes and 600 comments.

Fans were touched by such a sweet message and left their congratulations. “More love to you! Nearly cried when I saw this photo,” writes one of the fans and followers of the account bulldog Gary. “Not enough human language to describe the beauty of this photo. Thank you Corby and Gary. Happy birthday Princess!” picks up other congratulations to one of our subscribers.

Could not congratulate his deceased mother a daughter Billie Lourdes in your account in instagram. She put a picture from my childhood, which depicts her and her mom in matching nightgowns. The actress signed a photo simply, “happy birthday mom.”

Carrie was open about their diagnosis and mental health. Bulldog Harry this has become a physician for the actress. it has always supported it and helped to cope with difficulties. “Garry has always supported me. My mother used to say that he is a bully. Harry very close to me,” Fischer told The Herald Tribune in 2015. 2 in 2015. “Harry is very loyal to me and it calms me. He was very worried when I’m not around.”

Surprisingly, in addition to their stellar mother, Harry also became a real star. During the tour Fisher in the framework of the premiere of “Star wars: the force awakens” bulldog accompanied her on the red carpet. His cute face with his tongue hanging out has become very popular. It can be seen in his instagram account, which already has accumulated more than 150 thousand subscribers, who daily watch for updates in his life.

Bulldog Harry was with his mother during a heart attack. Was it Fisher during a flight from London to Los Angeles on 23rd Dec. She was immediately hospitalized. Harry supported her mistress to the last, but after 4 days the actress died.

After the death of the owner of the dogs, he moved to an assistant Corby Makeinu actress, who recently told reporters about his close connection with the puppy.