Ирина Безрукова проверилась на рак In anticipation of the New year, the movie and theatre actress decided to undergo the examination of the body. Some time ago, Irina Bezrukova consulted with fans about the procedure of detecting tumors in the stomach. The star reported on the diagnostic results.
Ирина Безрукова проверилась на рак

Irina Bezrukova attentive to their health and tries to follow him. Fans of the actress and TV presenter think she is in fine form, and write the star a lot of compliments. Recently, the celebrity has decided to undergo the procedure of diagnosis of gastric cancer. Irina decided to colonoscopy.

According to star cinema and theatre, the doctors she found nothing. Irina thanked fans for their attention and shared with them their experiences.

“I’m alive and healthy, I’m good! So I did – was examined. As it turned out, a colonoscopy under anesthesia is easy. Lay back and fell asleep, and when he opened his eyes – it’s already done. It is important that the anesthesia and physicians do not recommend driving. Keep this in mind if you plan a survey,” – said Irina.

According to Bezrukovoj, before the procedure you need to follow the doctor’s instructions and go through training, observing a certain diet.

“A few words about the preparation for colonoscopy: three days before the procedure you need to follow uncindery diet. The night before the procedure, and in the morning the doctor said to drink two liters of water with dissolved detergent drug. It is very important to follow these recommendations, as the walls of the intestine should be visible during the procedure. Then the doctors will notice even the smallest education,” said the star.

In the nearest plans of Irene – celebrate the New year. The actress admitted that she began to prepare for this event with a light heart. “Do work hard, play hard,” wrote a woman in hastahah to be published in the microblog.

Social media users praised the woman for her courage and wished her all the best in 2018 year. “Will follow your example! Terrified not of the procedure, and the result is”, “Thank God! Health to you”, “Happy for you”, “it is Great that you talk about it,” – commented on them.

Last week the doctor reached out to fans asking for her advice. The actress said that she have a colonoscopy, and asked how best to undergo this procedure under General anesthesia. In recognition of the stars, she regularly visits doctors in the preventive purposes.

“Until the end of the year just a few days! Just to do something really important. And what could be more important than health? So I, as a staunch supporter of prevention, signed up for a colonoscopy. It is always easier for any disease to prevent than to treat. My family know that I one or two times a year try to pass the examination of the body,” said the actress.