Olga Pogodina got into debt for the sake of the series “Margarita Nazarova”

Ольга Погодина влезла в долги ради сериала «Маргарита Назарова» The actress acted as the producer of a new TV show on channel one. According to Olga, Russian film makers should borrow from a Bank to remove a quality product. Pogodin itself for the sake of art took out a Bank loan in the amount of three million dollars.

      Ольга Погодина влезла в долги ради сериала «Маргарита Назарова»

      39-year-old actress Olga Pogodin has produced a new TV series on channel, telling about the life of the great Soviet circus artist and tiger tamer Margarita Nazarova. The new series of this project collected a large number of TV audience. Viewers follow the plot twists and turns of melodrama about the folk artist and admire the beautiful and dangerous backdrop of the play is a circus with real live tigers. But in fact, a new series of sitcoms appeared not without huge work. Olga Pogodina had to take loans for the sake of “Margarita Nazarova”.

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      By his own admission actress, everyone who takes pictures should take a loan from the Bank to make a decent movie. This greatly increases the responsibility of filmmakers who begin to think about the quality of the product. And thus it is possible to create a fair, market competition among producers, is advantageous for the film industry, and for mass audiences.

      Ольга Погодина влезла в долги ради сериала «Маргарита Назарова»

      “Margarita Nazarova” was not the first series, which was produced by Pogodin. Its activities as a sponsor of continuing projects for that year. Sometimes on the set there will be financial difficulties, but the actress turns out to cope with them. Sometimes even to the detriment of themselves, but for Pogodina there is nothing better than to be involved in the creation of art.

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      “For 10 years of my work as a producer, I never delayed staff salary. Have any difficulty borrowing from the Bank. In the case of this picture is the same. Trapped in a difficult period, the channel delayed payments – I didn’t stop shooting. I took a loan of three millions of dollars were heading. Lost interest. But it doesn’t matter. The main thing that business has not suffered”, — said the actress Sobesednik.ru.

      Previously Olga Pogodin has produced such projects as “Babi rebellion or war in Novoselovo”, “118 seconds, before… and after”, “Hate”, “Love pret-a-Porte”. The actress is married to producer and ex-member of the Federation Council Alexey Pimanova, they are married since 2014. State Pimanova estimated at several dozen million rubles, according to Forbes.

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