Eugene Feofilaktova confused with Paris Hilton

Евгению Феофилактову перепутали с Пэрис Хилтон Fans didn’t recognize the photo of the ex-participant of “House-2”. Eugene Feofilaktova, one week ago replaced the image, became to remind his fans of the famous secular lioness and the heiress million fortune Paris Hilton.

      Евгению Феофилактову перепутали с Пэрис Хилтон

      One of the most notable former participants of the TV project “Dom-2” Eugenia Feofilaktova a little over a week ago, decided on a radical change of image. The girl got rid of the extended length curls below her shoulders and made short cut, which is incredibly it transformed and made more tender and more beautiful.

      Despite the fact that Evgenia Feofilaktova never skimp on your own images, and always places them in the microblog in large numbers, not all her fans are accustomed to a new way. On one of the photos, the fans immediately recognized Eugene, deciding that she published a picture of another famous beauty, socialite world renown Paris Hilton. Indeed, Eugene with his new haircut very similar to when wearing a short haircut the heiress of millions. “Paris Hilton looks like!”, “I first thought that it was Paris Hilton. Interesting photo,” could not pass up a new picture of Eugenia Feofilaktovoy her podpisey. However, some noted that the star of “House-2” for its beauty outshines recognized beauty Paris Hilton. “Baby doll”, “Babe”, “Gorgeous hair color”, – Feofilaktovoy admire her dedicated fans and asked never to increase curls. “Jen, now you’re a natural! You don’t grow that bitch on the head! You with your much cooler!”

      By the way, a week ago showed the change of image colleague Eugenia Feofilaktovoy to participate in telestroke, but now an actress, fashion designer and TV presenter Olga Buzova. The girls seemed turned on him and almost at the same time pleased fans of the pictures in stylish images.

      A photo with the new haircut Olga placed under the hashtags #crazy#sometimes#delucco want, giving to understand that the decision to move from quads to a short Bob, she accepted spontaneously. Moreover, Olga Buzova, even making the cut, not yet fully realized what had happened. “I’m crazy, I know it, – says the beauty. Hopefully, tomorrow I will not regret about what I did”. However, fans Buzovoy, seeing her new stylish haircut, in one voice assured her that you will never regret. Still, as Eugene Feofilaktova, which new way was very well.

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