The son of Agnes Ditkovskite grows superlinearly

Сын Агнии Дитковските растет суперличностью The actress believes that he is similar to all the relatives for a little bit. Agniya Ditkovskite gave a joint interview with her mother Tatiana Lyutaeva and brother Dominic, in which he spoke about himself and his little son.

      Сын Агнии Дитковските растет суперличностью

      Agniya Ditkovskite, and her mother, actress Tatyana lyutaeva and younger brother Dominic became the heroes of the next release of the program of the First channel “Guests on Sundays” and answered questions from the program presenter Irina Muromtseva. The conversation in the Studio was very warm and sincere, because it was about a family in which all treat each other with tenderness and love.

      Star of TV series “cadets” Tatiana lutaeva, as it turned out, starred in this picture of being pregnant Agnia. It is not excluded that this circumstance played a decisive role in the choice of profession is a future movie star at the age of three said confidently that he wants to be an actress. “She grew up backstage, appeared on stage in five years has starred in commercials and in film in Lithuania, there was already prepared”, – said about her daughter Tatiana lutaeva. But Dominic, the younger brother of Agnes Ditkovskite, despite the fact that is a descendant of the famous Lithuanian actors, the opportunity to become an artist completely rejects. Teen gravitates toward math and plans to do business.

      Of course, the show was talking about the smallest representative of the star family, the son of Agnes Ditkovskite and her ex-husband, actor Alexei Chadova Fede. “When you look at her grandson, whose features you recognize?”, asked Irina Muromtseva Tatiana Lutaeva.

      Сын Агнии Дитковските растет суперличностью

      “Fedya, I think, similar to all – and mom and dad, and even Dominic, replied young grandmother. – When I look at my baby photos, it seems that he is my copy, when baby photo Agnes, it seems that the son – mother’s copy. I think that Fedor will also be superlinearly”. “Yeah, he’s been supersocket!”, – added Agniya Ditkovskite.

      We will remind, the firstborn of Agnes Ditkovskite and Alexey Chadova was born on 5 June 2014. Alas, the existence of a common kid could not hold one of the most beautiful pair of Russian cinema from the break. To the birth of a child often brawled and wiesnewski relationship, Alex and Agnes finally broke up in may 2015, when the little Fede was just a few months. Former spouses now have a relationship just for the sake of his son. Alexei Chadov holds together with his heir, the kid is often at a house dad. It is not dedicated to the heir in their relationship, they plan to do this when he grows up.

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