Olga Orlova was subjected to harassment of the spectators “Houses-2”

Ольга Орлова подверглась травле зрителей «Дома-2» Leading criticized for its behavior in the air the reality show. Olga Orlova has reviewed public reaction, and hastened to reply to comments fans telestroke. The singer urged the public to stop the senseless discussion.
Ольга Орлова подверглась травле зрителей «Дома-2»

In the spring of this year it became known that the new leading reality show “Dom-2” became Olga Orlova. The singer joined Olga Buzova, Ksenia Borodina and Vlad kadoni. Fans of telestroke ambiguously reacted to this news. Some supported her, while others questioned its purpose. Many were confident that the project will return former members, in particular, Victoria Bonya.

Recently, Orlov decided to appeal to the audience who constantly criticize her work in the TV show. According to the singer, she regularly receives messages, senders of which give her advice about how we need to lead the project. Olga asked social media users to stop unnecessary discussions. The artist noticed that it does not need recommendations. Speaking about the situation, Olga remembered one of the recent editions of “House-2”, which provoked discussion in the Network.

“Your demands and the swing right you can leave for your friends and family! Each show has its own rules, which, in particular, are subject to and leading. There will always be unhappy when someone leaves the project. There are always those who are for and against a particular party. It is pointless to write angry messages because the course of events has not changed. Specifically this time on the air did not get the full picture, because the participants behaved very indecently. Including and for this they left the project,” explained Orlov.
Ольга Орлова подверглась травле зрителей «Дома-2»

Sharing your opinion with the users of social networks, Olga stressed that no objection to constructive discussions and claims set out in the correct form. It is quite another matter, said the singer, when strangers say offensive words. In this case, Orlov is going to apply sanctions.

“All the fans to insult and write nasty things will be immediately blocked. Before you tell me how to live, do some improvements yourself, I’m sure you have work to do”, – considers the leading telestroke.

Earlier in the course of the conversation with “StarHit” Orlov admitted that the job offer came to her from the producers of channel TNT. Without thinking twice, the singer agreed. “I’m not afraid of convictions. I believe that everyone in the world will not please. People always criticized shows. “Dom-2″ is no exception! Someone scolds, someone supports. But, as the figures show, the project remains today one of the most popular in our country”, – said Olga. Olga Orlova allows son to watch “House-2” with her participation