Mistress Prokhor Chaliapin refused to meet with his ex-wife

Возлюбленная Прохора Шаляпина отказывается знакомиться с его бывшей женой The singer spoke about the new beloved. Prokhor Chaliapin said that he met the perfect girl who doesn’t like to visit social events. Because of this he often has to appear at parties in the company of ex-wife Larisa Kopenkina.
Возлюбленная Прохора Шаляпина отказывается знакомиться с его бывшей женой

Not so long ago Prokhor Chaliapin has intrigued fans with a photo with a enchanting blonde singer wrote that finally met a decent girl. He did not dwell on the character of lady, and just said that Tatiana is a good cook. Prokhorov shared with “StarHit” I met a girl through their common friend a year ago.

“I was talking about Tatiana not told in the social network. But I got questions, one I or not, so I decided to put. She’s a private person and does not seek to be a star – not an actress, not a singer. She worked for a major position, economist-accountant,” admitted Chaliapin.

Despite the fact that the heart of the graduate of “factory of stars-6” is already taken, and is often seen not in the company of a new lady, and next to ex – wife Larissa Kopenkina. According to Prokhorov, between them exceptionally friendly relations. However, his girlfriend does not approve of such communication. Chaliapin tries to convince Tatiana that she need not worry. Prokhor Shalyapin: “we Have Larisa karmic connection”

“She really doesn’t like, doesn’t know where to go, annoying her. Moreover, she does not want to go neither to events nor to be photographed. But also to get acquainted with Larissa too has so far refused”, – frankly said Chaliapin.

Prokhorov admitted that he and Tatiana are already discussing future life together. As it turned out, the house lovers are close to each other. Chaliapin said that they are thinking about to in the near future to live in the same apartment. The singer admires the spiritual qualities and character of a lady. The musician believes that they were the perfect couple and complement each other. However, while the artist is in no hurry to make Tatyana an offer hands and hearts.

“Tanya, I am very fit, so comfortable, excellent cook, very homely. Without ambition, it is the one on whom you can bet. I am a crazy artist, and she would wait at home, support. On the one hand I like that she is not seeking publicity, and on the other I want to take her somewhere”, – said the graduate of “factory of stars”.