The winner of “Eurovision” Jamal will become a mother for the first time

Победительница «Евровидения» Джамала станет мамой в первый раз The actress responded to the pregnancy rumors. Jamal and shared with the public important news. The famous singer and her husband Bekir Suleymanov expecting a baby. According to Jamala, she can’t get enough of this event.

Singer Jamal, who in 2016, won in the international competition “Eurovision”, will become a mother for the first time. As it turned out, the singer and her husband Bekir Suleymanov’s prepare for the replenishment of the family.

Representatives Jamala confirmed the happy news to reporters. According to them, in recent years, many reporters asking for comments about a possible pregnancy of the singer. As it became known to representatives of mass media, celebrity births will take place in spring next year.

In Instagram artist published an article on the future of the baby. Jamal admitted that dwells in the seventh heaven from happiness. Apparently, the husband of the singer in all her supports.

“Of course, I would like to keep it a secret and share with only the closest, but many already guessed. This is the greatest miracle in the world!” – shared celebrity.

Fans congratulated Jamal and wished her a easy delivery. “That’s nice”, “Wow”, “Be happy”, “This is a huge miracle and joy”, “Good health and good mood”, “Pleasant anticipation”, “Cheers”, “Keep Cams for you”, “Cool”, “wow. Great news”, commented subscribers microblog celebrities.

In April of this year, Jamal got married with her lover. Painting took place in the Islamic cultural center, and a ceremony staged, observing all the religious customs and traditions of the Tatar people. The ceremony was carried out by the Mullah. Then the couple went to together. Jamal shared photos on the social networks.

About the chosen participants in the international contest “Eurovision” it is known that he is younger than her eight years. Bekir studied at the University of Shevchenko on a speciality “medical physics” and the Kyiv school of Economics. Suleymanov is an active public figure.

For a long time the personal life of the artist was hidden from prying eyes. According to Jamala, she met her future husband at a party of mutual friends. Since then the lovers parted. According to journalists, Jamal Suleymanov met for about three years. When she participated in the Eurovision song contest, the chosen one was supportive. Bekir believed in the victory of the second half and said that she deserves it.