Olga Orlova: “I’m not married and not going”

Ольга Орлова: «Я не замужем и не собираюсь» The singer has denied the rumors about the change of marital status. Olga Orlova tries not to dwell on his personal life. But the photos in Network with the owner of the textile company has created many rumors among fans of the actress and she decided not to remain silent.

      Ольга Орлова: «Я не замужем и не собираюсь»

      At the beginning of this week, the singer Olga Orlova has forced to speak about itself. One of the news portals of Russia has published the stars with the owner of a large textile company, 33-year-old Ilya Platonov. The photo was taken near the capital star apartment located in the city centre. Oil to fire was added by the fact that a few weeks ago, Olga began to appear at social events with a ring on the ring finger of the right hand, instructed a diamond of impressive size. Gift whether it is a loved one, or Olga bought herself an expensive ring, I could only guess.

      Olga Orlova is credited with a new novel

      Decoration Orlova immediately resulted in reflections of her fans about the imminent marriage of an idol. Many have suggested that perhaps Olga is already in the status of wife. “StarHit” contacted a celebrity to dispel doubts.

      “This week, the press wrote about me, but no journalist bothered to call me and ask how things really are, – said Orlov. – Actually I’m not married and not going. And his fans want to read less tabloids”.

      Otherwise, the singer refused to comment on the situation, arguing that the reluctance to discuss my personal life. This policy adheres to Olga since the marriage with businessman Alexander Karmanov, disintegrated in 2004. From these relations Orlov has a son Artem, who on may 4 was 15 years old. After a high-profile marriage to Alexander, Olga stopped singing in “Brilliant” and is very involved in family life. All my free time the star gave son, who did not disappoint her famous mother – Artem studying in Russian and English schools, interested in the economy. Olga told reporters that in the future heir plans to work in the banking sector.

      An affair with the Chairman of the Moscow film festival Renat Davletiyarov that followed the divorce, the singer also did not comment.

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