Ekaterina Klimova is experimenting with the image

Екатерина Климова экспериментирует с имиджем The actress involved in the filming of a new movie. The star showed off in her Instagram how she looks at work. Subscribers were surprised by her appearance, and some even did not recognize Catherine as she appeared in pictures with a new hairdo.

      Екатерина Климова экспериментирует с имиджем

      Ekaterina Klimova never ceases to amaze his fans. The actress impressed the subscribers of his microblog a photo of the filming of “Love and sax”. The star appeared in the photo in the bulky cardigan and short curls.

      Fans Klimova has not hide his emotions in the comments. “You are gorgeous”, “You are clear. Cool. Amazed”, “Lovely”, “You never know” – so users of the social network welcomed a new image of the actress.

      By the way, this isn’t the first time Catherine has been experimenting with her image for a role. In the beginning of the year the actress turned into a burning brunette with straight hair to play one of the films. And in the play “the Master and Margarita Klimova shows up with smeared mascara and eyeliner.

      The film “Love and sax”, which is directed by Alla Surikova, tells the story of two musicians. Harpist, played by Catherine, is working in a Symphony orchestra. Her partner Maksim Averin movie on the screen becomes a talented musician, who often abuses alcohol and gets into serious trouble. In the end, because of his behavior he is behind bars. It is this coincidence will play a key role in the relationship shiftless genius and harpist.

      It is noteworthy that one of the roles in the movie will play nine-year-old daughter of Alexander Abdulov Eugene. For the baby this is not the first experience of shooting. She played in the theater, and she takes cartoons with a special program in your phone. Zhenya even have a YouTube channel where she shares her works with the Internet users.

      In the film “Love and sax” also stars Alexander F. Sklyar, Mikhail Efremov, Larisa Dolina, Alexander Peskov, Olga Prokofiev, Valery Barinov. A picture speaks Gregory Belenky, and as an art Director working Konstantin Melnikov. In the beginning of the series Alla Surikova talked about their work with enthusiasm. “Today at “Mosfilm” we mostly recorded, as expressed by one of our heroes, “chamber music” – that is, music that sounds in the detention unit. Hero performs several numbers, including the works of Gershwin, on the comb. In addition, today we released one of the most brilliant saxofonista world – Veronica Kozhuharova”, – has intrigued fans of melodramas directed.

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