Daughter Tatyana Dogileva told, how to survive anorexia

Дочь Татьяны Догилевой рассказала, как пережила анорексию Catherine lives and studies in acting class in the United States. The girl is confident, loves his mother and wants to build a successful career. However, she hasn’t always been like this, teenage daughter of the stars are faced with anorexia and bulimia.

      Дочь Татьяны Догилевой рассказала, как пережила анорексию

      Tatyana Dogileva is growing daughter Catherine. She decided to follow in the footsteps of star moms. She graduated from the acting course at Cambridge, and then went to study in the US American Academy of dramatic arts. 22-year-old actress goes on auditions and listening, actively looking for work. In three years of daughter’s life abroad Tatiana used to communicate with her by email and Skype. However, not Katya was always so independent and confident. A few years ago she was faced with a problem: she unnecessarily lost weight and suffered from anorexia.

      My body is a prison: when the pursuit of the perfect weight is transformed into illness

      In the transition to adulthood Catherine was dissatisfied with their appearance. She always grew plump child. However, after 13 years, under the influence of the Internet community, the girl made a decision to lose weight. She weighed 67 pounds and wanted to reach on the scale in 54. However, on the figure of the girl did not stop. It so captured the obsession with the ideal figure that Kate lost weight up to 40 pounds.

      According to the actress, at the time, she could eat one piece of fruit or container of cottage cheese a day. Some time Katya was starving. Surrounding explained to her that her appearance unhealthy, and the young man tried to feed the girl and drove to the cafe, but she resisted.

      “Mother takes egg, kneels and asks: “Kate, please eat.” But anorexia seemed to me by a higher authority. I was right and said: “can Not eat, because it will betray Ana.” We in the community called her Ana. And wore red wristbands in support of their anorexia,” recalled Catherine.

      When weight younger Dogileva stood up, it threw losing weight, and she has again started eating a lot. As a rule, the choice fell on Katya a very nutritious food.

      “I like to keep everything under control (from birth was like this), and then the horror began. Two years of anorexia I used to absolute control over his body, I already loved – and suddenly that control is lost. The result will power is cracked, I start to eat, eat and eat. Immediately hated the body because it is gaining weight,” said Catherine Tatler.

      The actress confessed that stuffed stomach of dumplings, rolls, cakes, chocolate. And then ran to the bathroom and caused vomiting. Then daughter Tatiana was diagnosed with bulimia. She had to undergo a three-week course of treatment at the Institute of nutrition to recover.

      Now Catherine is not complex about their appearance. She is a model and plays in the theater. Periodically, the girl starred along with his famous mom. For example, a year ago she made her debut in the TV series “Light and shadow of the lighthouse”.

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