Olga Medynich panic due to the illness of his son

Ольга Медынич паникует из-за болезни сына The actress is horrified, if the boy is not well. Olga Medynich brings a four-year Dima. Despite the workload, she tries to spend with him more time.
Ольга Медынич паникует из-за болезни сына

Actress Olga Medynich became popular by participating in various television projects: “the Big difference”, “stop light”, “Sweet life” and many others. Also the artist is a strong family – she is married to actor Cemal, Tetruashvili, she also has a son Dmitry, who was born in the first marriage.

Despite the heavy workload, 35-year-old actress tries to spend a lot of time with the child. She admitted she always gets very nervous if the boy have problems with his health.

“A disaster for me, when a child is sick – my son is 4.5 years. I as a mother think that worse could be nothing, and everything else – a common problem that can be solved”, – said the artist.

Olga told “StarHit” that her mother helps with the upbringing of his son. Once she worked as a nanny, and after the birth of a grandson decided to dedicate his time only to him. Medynich glad that Dima is always under the control of a loved one. She tries to do everything that the boy lived a happy kid. In her opinion, in the future, it will necessarily attract girls. Olga Medynich: “Son of a ladies ‘man”

“Son – he was still brutal. I have understood that he will grow up to be a ladies ‘ man – shared the actress with “StarHit”. – Loves looking at beautiful girls, looks at them with a look from under the eyebrows”. My friends are coming to visit us, laughing: “Ol, your son’s looking at us, that I want to pull the skirt down…”

Despite the fact that many star parents help their children to take the first steps in her acting career, Olga does not want to impose their will on the dime. She thinks they should decide what they want to do in life. The actress admitted in an interview with Cosmopolitan that her work is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

“I’m not doing anything to my son was an artist, although he could: to drive the child through the casting and filming can be born. But I know what a shooting, and it’s not so fun. This is a job and not entertainment. If my child wants to make is so that I can help, but it should be his choice,” – said Medynich that December 16 will celebrate 36 years.