May Abrikosov defended Olga Buzova after the scandal with “Babi revolt”

Май Абрикосов защитил Ольгу Бузову после скандала с «Бабьим бунтом» Former member of telestroke spoke about the new project of the First channel. According to some, it is closed. May of Apricots has decided to support Olga Buzova. In his opinion, the leader has made every effort at the time, it’s just not her format.
Май Абрикосов защитил Ольгу Бузову после скандала с «Бабьим бунтом»

Recently, the program “women’s revolt” has disappeared from broadcasting. Now instead of it showing the transfer of “Time will tell”. Representatives of the First channel to refrain from official comments about the changes in the air, so viewers can only guess about what is happening. After the appearance of the disturbing news about the closing of the show, former participant of “House-2” May Abrikosov decided to speak out about the reasons why this could happen. A man appeared on his official website.

The first channel closes a controversial show with Olga Buzova

According to the blogger, between the leading “Indian revolt” was not the same harmony, which is in the project “ProjectorParisHilton”. “In structure it is similar to a light boat, so everything is verified,” says May. But a new show of the First channel, as he believes, did not work. Describing the atmosphere on the filming, Apricots remember Krylov’s fable “Swan, Pike and Cancer”.

Май Абрикосов защитил Ольгу Бузову после скандала с «Бабьим бунтом»“The girls picked up on the characters, and had to shape the team, but we see five individual presenters. They absolutely do not interact among themselves, like oil and water”, – commented ex-member of telestroke.
Май Абрикосов защитил Ольгу Бузову после скандала с «Бабьим бунтом»

Another disadvantage of “Indian rebellion”, says May, is that it did not cause sympathy from the audience. According to the blogger, the show was quite monotonous and therefore not very interesting.

“Girls too have literally understood the phrase “woman’s rebellion”. But “riot” is not only the noise and contradiction. It is also the organization, tactics, cunning, sometimes poison, spying, night raids, sabotage, undermining, arson, Trojan horse, provocation, bribery and so on. To my great disappointment, the show is devoid of any of the foregoing. Uses behavioral paint that tired even in the first release. At Babi rebellion should be more emotional warmth, cordiality, to which was attached would the audience,” he shared.
Май Абрикосов защитил Ольгу Бузову после скандала с «Бабьим бунтом»

Apricots also drew attention to controversial topics and issues, “Soviet” the styling of the show, “leaning his back into the past and perecherknuty it new”, as well as the lack of meaningful conversations with interesting experts. “Guests to speak does not give, interrupt, plug,” – said the man.

With regard to the behavior of Olga Buzova, which, according to insiders, allegedly was the main reason for the closure of the project, it May Abrikosov rushed to protect her from bullying the public. According to the blogger, the project “Babi revolt” is simply not the format of a famous TV presenter. Ex-member of telestroke sure that Olga made every effort during the work on show. In addition, Apricots have decided to give advice to the star.

“Olga Buzova still remember the “House-2″, and then she cried a lot. Olga is sensitive about criticism. At a young age the tears look more natural and romantic, the excuse was the inexperience. And now crying in public more like hysteria. I do not want to empathize with leading, and to change the channel. However, Olga a lot. Give her this recommendation: it is better to grasp one, to run 100% than to grasp at everything, but only perform in fits and starts. You can want everything, but need to be able to,” said May.

Apricot said that’s good and respectful to Buzova, considering it to be a big workaholic. The blogger is amazed by the heights that could reach Olga and wished her further success.

Май Абрикосов защитил Ольгу Бузову после скандала с «Бабьим бунтом»